The Future of Children
Sacred Summer

With Phil Moore
Author of The Future of Children

Co-founder of Upland Hills School & Ecological Awareness Centre invites YOU for a summer adventure!

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BEGINS ON July 5, 2023

Sacred Summer

  • Have you been searching for a mentor and tribe to feel seen, heard and unabashedly loved? 
  • Are you feeling called to repair, recover and restore clarity?
  • Do you want to to set powerful intentions for your fall?

By the end of this Sacred Summer with Phil Moore , you will have experienced an immensely grounding summer that promises to set you up for the year ahead.

Phil Moore's commitment

By joining Phil and other Sacred Summer members, he promises to honour you in these ways:


You will be offered live and asynchronous ways to connect to honour your time and ensure connections on all levels.


Over two months, you will be mentored by Phil Moore, his team and your fellow peers to learn, grow and share how your summer intentions become real.


By being transformed through the process, you will maintain coherence in an incoherent time. 

Set sacred summer 2023 intentions

As I look back on my life, I realize the importance of nourishing a sacred summer. By carving this vital rhythm each July and August, I have been able to move through obstacles, expand and reset during huge pivotal moments in my life. When I set intentions to honour this special season of summer with a group of aligned humans, it’s magical what we are able to create.

Before I launch my next 3 day REWIREMENT Training and year long mentorship in the fall, I want to begin offering my energy to a dedicated group—to learn, explore, support and love. My desire is to share a sacred summer with you all.

Let’s see what we can build together.
With love,

Phil Moore

"It is time for a new paradigm in education. That is why I whole-heartedly support the transformational work of my dear friend Phil Moore"
Dr. Shefali
Author Of "The Conscious Parent" & "The Awakened Family"

Sacred Summer Rhythm

See below for all the ways you will be supported by Phil Moore and this beautiful community of love-based leaders! 

Bi-Weekly Live Meetups

Live inspo sessions with Phil

Every month you will get the opportunity to meet with Phil, his team, special guests and your fellow sacred summer members.The bi-weekly 90 minute sessions will be created with maximum inspiration in mind with coaching from Phil, special guests, group shares and dyads.

*Each month, Phil will bring one of these guests into the spotlight to teach & inspire, with relevant lessons that will move your intentions forward.

Community Shares + Celebrations

Constant access to Phil's community hub

Phil is opening up his community hub online for asychronous sharing. This easy to access, curated zone offers: 

1.Share Spot: for wins, insights and learning within the community. Go deeper after each live meetup!

2. Meetup Schedule + Recordings: sync up your sacred summer with ease.

3.Phil’s Wisdom Nuggets: weekly video shares from Phil tailored to this community. Watch anytime!


Culminating event

Summer Celebration

After spending a sacred summer together, you’ll need to celebrate all the growth and honour the transformation together.

Phil and his team will prepare a remarkable celebration event to mark the end of this momentous summer spent moving towards intentions. Not to be missed!


Wisdom Nuggets by Phil

Phil's voice on tap

As your journey unfolds, it is certain that you will need inspiration nuggets from Phil. He will be dropping pearls of wisdom, or ‘Get your Phil:)’ in our community hub for you to listen, ground and reflect on in between our live meetups.

You’ll want to come back to these, over and over.

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2-month membership


Included in Your Training

Group Mentorship

2 months of LIVE group coaching with Phil Moore & your fellow peers.

Peer Support

A community of love-based educators to bounce ideas around with.

Sacred Container

This will be a transformational journey that will help you fully step into your life’s work.

"I was introduced to Phillip Moore on my quest in starting a love-based school. His mentorship has been invaluable in so many ways and I will forever be grateful. Largely because of Phil’s support and guidance, Onward Learning officially opened its doors for our first group of students in September of 2022. Phil has given me not only confidence, but has also provided me with necessary tools to make my dream of creating a love based school become a reality."
Mary Jo Fairhead
Founder of Onward Learning

Phil Moore

“What counts in life is not the fact that we have lived but the difference we have made to the lives of others, that will determine the significance of the life we lived.“

― Nelson Mandela

In a nutshell, Phil Moore leads with his heart. He puts this extraordinary heart capacity to work by playing the infinite game. A game where there are no losers and winning means oneing.(from me to we).  Where you play with the rules rather than by them. An infinite game player plays to leave an invisible legacy in the hearts and minds of others.This kind of open heart—willing to give and receive, attracts allies and seeds possibilities. For his entire life as a teacher, husband, father,  Granda, mentor, writer and leader, Phil has been an artist of possibilities. This artistry opens doors, forges bonds, spreads inspiration and astonishing learning happens for everyone in his orbit.

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