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OCTOBER 29, 2023

The Future of Children: an activation experience

Upland Hills School and Ecological Awareness Center

Oxford, Michigan, USA, Spaceship Earth

You’re invited to a day long interactive multidimensional experience of how we co-created Upland Hills School and Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center, so that you can apply the same tools to evolve love-based consciousness during this time of unprecedented challenges. Including: 

Tips on how to play infinite games.


Origin Stories

Group bonding

Special Guests

Medicine Wheel activation

Contentment and the practice of no problem 

Potluck Lunch

Closing with:

Creating a new ceremony for becoming artists of possibilities

Time: 8:14 AM until 3:14 PM on OCTOBER 29th 2023

Address: 2575 Indian Lake Rd., Oxford, Mi 48370

Cost: $111.00

Open to all ages


You will be added to the mailing list and be informed about retreats and events that are being planned for 2024.

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The Future of Children
Rewirement Training

With Phil Moore
Author of The Future of Children

Co-founder of Upland Hills School & Ecological Awareness Centre

The Future of
Children & Education

Watch Invitation Video

3-Day Virtual Training for Parents, Educators and Outliers

By the end of this 3-day live virtual training with Phil Moore (author of The Future of Children), you will have an expanded toolbox of ideas and initiatives that you can apply in your classroom, family or community immediately, which will provide the life skills and preparation for these children to confidently & skillfully navigate the world of the unknown.

The Core Themes

The Future of Children Rewirement Training will focus on three essential themes that have been put into practice for 50+ years.  All of the teachings will stem from these core themes.


Learn & practice new ways to deeply listen to the children, Earth & your internal guidance so you can better serve others.


Move from the ‘content education’ model by rewiring your world-view to become a comprehensive, wholistic thinker.


Belong to a community and movement of co-hearts who are actively transforming education, families and communities.
“I take great joy in commending Phillip Moore and his Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center to you. I’m personally convinced of the competence of Moore and his associates, of their integrity and of their realistic commitment to society."
Buckminster Fuller
Philosopher, Futurist & Teacher

The Current Education System is Obsolete

The children who are being born today deserve schools that nourish their unique gifts. 

Currently, children are being fed a diet of toxic information, in a factory-like setting that is diminishing their light, while feeding their anxiety. 

Teachers are leaving the profession in large numbers because they know the current educational model is failing to nourish & nurture children into higher possibilities of being and becoming. 

Introducing a Love-Based Approach to Education

When inspired and empowered teachers are given the ability to create innovative, comprehensive curriculum, based on passion, play and place – children flourish. 

A Love-Based Education begins as soon as the child is seen, heard, honoured and cherished. 

Our initiatives have contributed to creating new kinds of human beings. People who love to cooperate, collaborate, contribute and communicate their love for the natural world and for life in general. 


“Upland Hills is one of the greatest schools in the world. I've never seen so many turned on kids in my life, in any school setting. Friends, love, learning, care…. These kids are going to grow up to be very different adults. They are hands on, sensory rich…. growing up to be true, deep, wise, interested human beings.”
Jean Houston
One of the Principal Founders of the Human Potential Movement

Curriculum for 3-Day
Rewirement Training

These 3 days will be filled with music, storytelling & community connection with parents, grandparents, educators and outliers from around the world who are devoted to loving children into being.

Phil Moore and special guests will teach the following…

Session One

Protecting the Sacred Territory of Childhood

A Love Based school / Initiative begins when we offer a space to protect, defend, honor, nourish, and nurture the sacred territory of childhood. We define childhood as the time from birth into adulthood. In this session we will outline, describe and create a direct shared experience of how to do this. Using simple yet profound boundaries like : to treat others as you would want to be treated, to listen beneath the surface, to honor every person as a unique gifted sacred being, and to become gate keepers for a new generation. We will use music, dyads, guests & film to create a felt experience of sacred territory.

Session Two

The Cocoon and Chrysalis of Creativity

Creativity in all it’s forms becomes the light and the energy for a love based school / initiative. The Creative and performing arts are central to loving a child into being. We will all be invited to become artists of possibility. This session will use the metaphor of the caterpillar that transforms into the butterfly as a map for how to awaken, invigorate, and bring joy into children’s lives. Our intention will be to become an imaginal cell that takes the late stage of the caterpillar into an evolutionary advance. Using our session to awaken the artist within.

Session Three

The Medicine of Wisdom in the Context of Education

We will explore how the wisdom of teachers, children, elders, and the natural world can be modeled, cherished, and woven into daily practice. Using some examples of the wisdom teachers who nourished our learning community we will explore how one simple teaching can inspire an entire year of learning and growing. From Helen Nearing to Krishnamurti and from Jean Houston to David Bohm we will come to see how words of wisdom can transform a culture. Co-operation, collaboration, values, and teaching context will be experienced as dynamic catalysts for all curriculum.

Session Four

Rewiring to a Worldview of Multiple Intelligence

Using the paradigm shifting work of Howard Gardner we will use our session to fully explore the ramifications of discovering how each of these lines have shown a light on the extremely narrow ways we usually teach our children. Our session will be dedicated to expanding our awareness beyond Gardner’s 9 lines while honoring and deeply appreciating his work as foundational for all love-based educators. We will also use this session to discover ways of teaching that live far outside the boxes of schools.

Session Five

The Gifts of Indigenous Cultures to Inspire New Communities

Our learning community was graced when a young leader of the Lakota people asked the question ‘where would we find people who would honor and respect the sacred sweat lodge? ‘ He was directed to our Ecological Awareness Center and we began holding lodges in the 80’s. This direct experience of drum making, holding sweat lodges, vision quest and invitations to attend the Sun Dance transformed our consciousness and our awareness. This session will share ways to make each day a day of deep inter-connectedness with each other and the wild.

Session Six

The Practice of The Wild - Nature as Our Primary Teacher

We will share our experiences with the natural world in new ways. It’s one thing to talk about or to ’teach’ about nature it is quite another to be an embodiment of the wild. Our session will ask us to move beyond our bodies and to speak from an awareness of One Ness . From Robert Bly to Ram Dass, from Grace Spotted Eagle to Margeret Mead we will draw on being not just a part of the wild but being the wild. The leading edge of forest research will inform our session. The relationship between improvised music and living in the moment will be offered to rewire us.

Session Seven

Unlocking the Power of Curiosity to Manifest Dreams

This integration session is designed to include all the previous sessions and surrender into one where we are asked to follow the great mystery of our soul’s code to manifest a school and or an initiative that loves children into being. New forms of meditation will be demonstrated and practiced inspired by mystics who have co-created: Schools, monasteries, eco-villages, retreat centers and mystery schools. Within our group we will discover and experience the many ways we can play the infinite game for the rest of our lives.

Session Eight

Love is the Cure: Navigating a Path to Homo-Universalis

This last integration session is dedicated to the discipline of the previous 7 sessions as it relates to us becoming soul models for a new kind of human. Using new practices, music, dyads, humor, kindness, compassion and our love for life we will let this session take us into a new dimension of learning how to live love. We will attempt to surrender as a group of co-hearts all dedicated to a paradigm shift in the way we interact with children. Our future depends on it. We will end with prayers and send them all into the field of infinite potential.

"This book is graced by a wisdom that is rare and insight that is profound. I can not recommend this book highly enough."
Dr. Shefali
Author Of "The Conscious Parent" & "The Awakened Family"

Phil Moore

“What counts in life is not the fact that we have lived but the difference we have made to the lives of others, that will determine the significance of the life we lived.“

― Nelson Mandela

In a nutshell, Phil Moore leads with his heart. He puts this extraordinary heart capacity to work by playing the infinite game. A game where there are no losers and winning means oneing.(from me to we).  Where you play with the rules rather than by them. An infinite game player plays to leave an invisible legacy in the hearts and minds of others.This kind of open heart—willing to give and receive, attracts allies and seeds possibilities. For his entire life as a teacher, husband, father,  Granda, mentor, writer and leader, Phil has been an artist of possibilities. This artistry opens doors, forges bonds, spreads inspiration and astonishing learning happens for everyone in his orbit.

Thanks to Phil, the lives of many have been changed from his loving humanity.

Phil has always been driven by his love for children, for his love of the wild and for building and sustaining a learning community. From the age of 23 he was asked to embody and serve a community for more than four decades that grew from over fifty children, to nearly 100. Over half a century later, this learning community is alive, evolving, and serving one foundational goal: To Love Children into Being. This living legacy is shifting entire communities from the dominant paradigm to a new paradigm that is based on love and deep inter-relatedness.

It’s tricky to measure this legacy and impact, yet easy to share some of the tangible ways Phil has shared his heart across the world. A few to mention:

  • His book The Future Of Children grew out of over four decades of direct experience with children who have been educated in a school that was based on love. These children have grown up to be very different kinds of people. Their direct connection to the natural world has influenced them to feel a deep connection with life. 
  • Loved thousands of children and their extended families in ways that helped us navigate challenging and difficult times.
  • Created loving bonds between teachers, parents, neighbors, and friends.
  • Built a campus, over 4 decades, that is currently serving close to 100 students and teachers based on doing more with less, using regenerative non-extracting technologies.
  • Influenced an unknown number of people who attended: workshops, retreats, concerts, tours, films, ceremonies, conferences, and events designed to uplift our spirits and inspire others to become infinite game players.
  • Inspired love-based initiatives, and innovations in education communities across the globe.
"Wow... Wow... Wow! The whole concept of the school is based on love. The book is mind blowing!"
Ram Dass
Author of "Be Here Now", Spiritual Teacher

Phil Moore's 
75-Year Journey

September 14, 1948

Phil Moore was born into a family with two parents who knew loving their children into being was their mission in life.

October 1968

Falling in love with a mother and her child, Karen and Nina.

Summer 1970

Began playing World Game with Buckminster Fuller’s team at Southern Illinois University.

Fall 1970

Playing the World Game while traveling throughout Europe & North Africa with Karen and Nina for 11-months.

October 1971

Enroll Nina in Upland Hills Farm School one month after it opened.

February 1972

Invited to become its second director of education and teacher.


Our daughter Sasha is born.

Staff uses the majority of our teaching materials budget to install a 2KW wind generator to power our geodesic dome. This generated publicity from United Press International, National Geographic, newspapers throughout the Detroit area and the school appeared in the Smithsonian Book of Invention.

Summer of 1974

A small group of dedicated idealists form a second non profit called Upland Hills Ecological Awareness Center. The Center attracts World Teachers and supports a sweat lodge and medicine wheel guided by our Lakota teachers, while touring thousands of people who are interested in sustainable living through our building.

January of 1980

We hold workshops and built non polluting energy producing artifacts culminating in building an Earth insulated, wind, solar and wood powered building that was opened by R. Buckminster Fuller.

September 1989

Built a permanent structure called Upland Hills School Project Schoolhouse replacing two modular trailers.

World Game update 2008

A partial list of World Teachers: Joanna Macey, Helen Nearing, Jean Houston, Wallace Black Elk, Robert Bly, Ram Dass, Ashley Montagu, Paul Winter, Eugene Friesen, Wes Jackson, Joseph Chilton Pearce, Dr. Shefali, Rafe Martin, Jeff Carreira and Swami Chinmayananda.


Published The Future of Children with Emergence Education Press.

Spring 2023

Launching The Future of Children Rewirement Training & global community for educators, parents & child care workers.

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Not convinced yet? Hear what Jean Houston says about Phil's work!

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The Training


Included in Your Training

Live Training

A 3-Day LIVE online training with Phil Moore & special guests


The recording (audio & video) of each session to come back to anytime.


An invitation to join a global community of parents, educators and outliers.

"I was introduced to Phillip Moore on my quest in starting a love-based school. His mentorship has been invaluable in so many ways and I will forever be grateful. Largely because of Phil’s support and guidance, Onward Learning officially opened its doors for our first group of students in September of 2022. Phil has given me not only confidence, but has also provided me with necessary tools to make my dream of creating a love based school become a reality."
Mary Jo Fairhead
Founder of Onward Learning

The Big Why?

The Future of Children

“It’s amazing to realize that every species on the planet right now is going to be shaped primarily by its interaction with humans. It was never that way before. For three billion years, life evolved in a certain way; all of this evolution took place in the wilds. But now, it is the decisions of humans that are going to determine the way this planet functions and looks for hundreds of millions of years in the future.”
― Brian Swimme, Cosmologist
Our species is at a critical point in our 200,000 years of evolution. If you believe, as I do, that children are our future, then it follows that how we care for, nurture, nourish, educate, and defend our children is at the very core of our future. For half of a century, my life has been devoted to one question. How can we transform the way we educate our children? The book I wrote to capture some of the lessons we learned while working together as one living, evolving experiment, is titled “The Future of Children”. We gathered on a farm, that shared boundaries with a monastery, state land, and a township park. It was on these ‘wild acres’ that we discovered some answers and living strategies to my question. I believe that these answers might be crucial to the well-being not only of human children but to all beings, especially at this critical time in our evolution.
At this moment in time, we are at a crossroads. If we continue driven by the values of our dominant paradigm, which include: ravaging the Earth for short term gain, using war as a way to resolve conflict, blaming others for all of our problems, glorifying individuals who have made outrageous sums of money, and feeding our children into a system that is beyond repair, we will find ourselves and our loved ones living in a time of oblivion. If we collectively shift the paradigm and adopt the values of our deep time ancestors and live in harmony with the wild, honor all of life on this beautiful planet, learn how to use our tools on behalf of restoring eco-systems, feeding all peoples, and evolve into a higher consciousness related to the realization that we are all in this together, then we will be living in an evolving Utopia.

For half a century, a small group of people living at the edge of an almost wild place, have been conducting an experiment. Our experiment was centered on our children. We wanted to create a school and a community that was based on love. Our generation, often referred to as the baby boomers, were born just after World War Two. In the shadow of the horrors of that war we were raised in a time of abundance and creativity. It was during this protective bubble that the leading edge of our generation discovered, created, and planted seeds for “A world that worked for 100% of humanity without endangering the natural world”. We read books, built geodesic domes, planted organic gardens, made music, traveled widely, made movies, wrote books and poetry, made art, became political activists, discovered the wisdom of the East, and fell in love with the Elders who blazed the path that opened new doors of perception. Our generational soul print embraced love as the answer. We, young parents, were determined to live that love into being. We were being led by many unseen forces, our ancestors, who in many cases risked everything to immigrate to North America, our teachers who were more than role models, for us they were soul models, our friends who believed we could do the inner work through meditation, Aikido, Tai Chi, and shadow work, all of that and so many unknowns led us to believe we could co-create a place where children were loved into being.

What we discovered was that all children truly are gifted. We discovered that together we could raise each other’s consciousness if we were focused on loving children into being. We discovered that the universe supports love. We discovered that teachers were always learners, who when acknowledged and empowered could at times break through their own traumas and become true artists of possibility. We discovered that over time and especially through dark nights of the soul we could lean on each other. We discovered the magic of being a part of a collective. We discovered that our wise elders would come to visit us if asked. We discovered that Utopia is heart centered. We learned that collaboration is an evolving art form that requires us to diminish self-importance and lean into a field where there are only winners.  We had a direct experience of a new kind of world, where synchronicities invited us to trust in higher dimensions. 

Some of us were ‘loved into being’ and some of us were not. What we found out over time was that there is an alchemy in loving someone. Healing is much more then recovering from an illness. It is, as we know, a process embedded in life itself as it embraces death. We experienced and are experiencing to this moment how there are unpredictable times when spontaneous actions and prayers can lead to inexplicable healings. It was embedded within our community that by letting go into our true belonging to all and everything that we discovered miracles regardless of the outcome. As the director of an independent love-based school, I experienced the death of several children. Each one held a gift that is still very much alive in me. These children are so deeply woven into my consciousness that they often emerge at just the right time to remind me of how precious every moment is. This gift of their death is perhaps one of the greatest treasures of my life. It is a gift that keeps on living. They are now guides for me and they have taught me how ‘loving into being’ is a medicine that lives beyond time and space.

From the time I was 7 years old I questioned schools. Intuitively I knew that something was wrong about the way we ran our schools. I sensed that teachers who used sarcasm were unfit to interact with children. I also felt a deep kinship with children who were in special education classrooms that were separated from the rest of us except during recess. By the time I was in high school, that knowing grew into a search for other ways of doing school. During the first two years of being in a University I discovered a book that ignited and inspired many of our generation. That book was written by A.S. Neil, “Summerhill, a radical approach to child rearing”. Now, I knew that there were others like me who were driven to invent new kinds of schools. Soon after reading Summerhill, I worked as a camp counselor in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where the director asked us to make that book ‘real’. We discovered that living in a wild place with the intension of adventure and joy that learning, growing, risking, and challenge were all integrated into a seamless, alive field infused with infinite possibilities.

During the last two years of attending a University, I discovered the work of R. Buckminster Fuller, and with the help of my friends, built our first geodesic dome. Bucky’s ideas, especially his love of children, had a deep impact on my developing world view. Quotes like “Every child is born a genius. It is my conviction, from having watched a great many babies grow up, that all humanity is born a genius and then becomes de-geniused very rapidly by unfavorable circumstances and by the frustration of all their built-in capabilities,” gave me and others the impetus to test these paradigm shifting ideas, in real life. We began to believe that we were being called to conduct an experiment by playing an infinite game where all children and parents would be the winners.

The teachings of Ram Dass, Jean Houston, Joseph Campbell, Margaret Mead, J. Krishnamurti, L. Cohen, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Joni Mitchell, MLK, Black Elk, M. K. Gandhi, The Woman’s movement, Earth Day became the pilot of my soul and it led directly to falling in love with a mother and her daughter that in turn led us to the farm that became the incubator for an entire learning community.

Over time we touched the lives of well over a thousand children between the ages of 4 and 14, we introduced thousands of people to non-polluting sources of energy and building design, and we influenced and inspired thousands of people to indigenous wisdom and the wisdom of many world teachers. Learning with an open mind and an open heart became our modus operandi. We learned the painful and joyous lessons of building and sustaining community and we discovered the power of love, not as a sentiment but as embodied variations of sacred beings.

This online course that we have developed is an activation of some of the lessons we learned from loving children into being. Our intention is to create a context for you to learn and begin to experience the power of love as it relates to creating a new way of navigating during a time of deep uncertainty that one of our wisdom teachers, Joanna Macy, calls The Great Turning.

The Great Turning is a name for the essential adventure of our time. It is a shift from the industrial growth society to a life-sustaining civilization.

Thank you for being here and for being an important part in this!

– Phil Moore

Walter Reuther with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr moments before the “I have a Dream” speech in Washington, DC, August 28th, 1963
“Years ago, young Willie Rowe shrewdly sang that ‘Upland Hills is a good place to be.' Although he was right, I would change one thing and substitute “great” for “good”. That is because it is difficult to imagine an educational environment better than Upland Hills School for children to learn about themselves, each other, and the world around them.“
Victor Reuther
Attorney of Law, Portland, OR, and Grandson of Walter Reuther

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