Manifesting Love-based initiatives while playing an infinite game

1-on-1 Coaching With Phil Moore
Author of The Future of Children

Co-founder of Upland Hills School & Ecological Awareness Centre

Get support to learn how to build and sustain initiatives that will transform the way we interact with children of all ages.

My passion is to develop bonds with emerging leaders who care deeply about the future of children. I do this by listening directly to the soul of the person who’s speaking. For as long as I can remember I have been able to find the highest aspect of certain individuals. I can see beyond the body and get flashes of who that person could become. 

Over time I’ve been able to not only identify the higher being, I can nourish it by telling stories about your future self and the ones who might be your spiritual guides. This gift emerged during my teenage years. I became the director of an independent school when I was just 23 years old and used this single gift to hire staff, enroll parents, facilitate Board meetings, and raise funds.



Direct mutual transmission based on the quality of our rapport


Discover your spiritual guides and how to learn from them


Ways to Re-wire that will increase your ability to manifest


Strategies from years of playing an infinite game


Access to an entire learning community of dead & living souls

"Phil Moore is a true pioneer in education. Phil is the author of The Future of Children and for 42 years, led a love-based, nature school in Michigan known as Upland Hills School. Phil has opened my eyes to the possibilities of a school such as Upland Hills and has been an invaluable guide in the journey of creating Onward Learning.“

We will be a good fit to work together if:

  • You are ready to devote 100% of your time and energy to manifesting your soul’s code.

  • You are ready to do the ‘shadow work’ required to serve your higher calling.

  • You are looking for an empowering relationship that will love you into being.

  • You are determined to change the world we currently live in.

  • You know in the very core of your being that the invisible and the sacred feminine are pathways to a dramatic paradigm shift.
“I’ve never come across a human who is so saturated with wisdom. Phil is an elder who is beaming with vitality and childlike wonder! His ability to be present, listen, and guide is something that truly leaves people better than how he found them. The teachings about the Infinite Game, Soul Code, and Multiple Intelligences have been some of the most transformational principles in every aspect of my life and business!"
Alex Schwartz
Entrepreneur, 29 years old
“I was a little tree in a garden.
The gardener had tended the soil and so it was rich.
The gardener tended to me, too.
And so, I grew strong
And in time bore fruit that nourishes others.
The gardener is Phil.
The garden, Upland Hills School.
And I am still in that soil, and still bearing that fruit
And none of this would have happened
Had Phil not brought love into action
And tended the garden so carefully
That many grow there, even today."
Deb Byrd
Teacher at Upland Hills School, Montessori professional, current protector of UHS soul‘s code
"Phil Moore, a maestro of the infinite game, leads with a heart that knows no bounds, transcending roles as teacher, mentor, and artist of possibilities. His open heart, willing to both give and receive, acts as a magnetic force, drawing allies close and sowing seeds of inspiration that blossom into profound connections. Phil's compassionate gaze and boundless imagination create an enduring legacy, reminding us that the journey is richer when we play to leave a legacy of shared love and understanding. Whenever I can, I weave Phil's magical presence into any space where fellow humans are exploring human potential."

Why get Coaching?

These 1:1 zoom calls are intended to help people of all ages to navigate with coherence, confidence and clarity during these complex times in alignment with your soul’s code. I would love to help you play the infinite game of integrating your gifts to your purpose.

You speak. I listen with depth. We invest in bonds and your life evolves supported by the laws of the Universe.

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All coaching sessions are 60 minutes long and bookable up to 365 days in advance…

PLUS get bonus access to recorded modules from The Future of Children 3-day activation training (Fall 2023).

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Phil Moore

“What counts in life is not the fact that we have lived but the difference we have made to the lives of others, that will determine the significance of the life we lived.“

― Nelson Mandela

In a nutshell, Phil Moore leads with his heart. He puts this extraordinary heart capacity to work by playing the infinite game. A game where there are no losers and winning means oneing.(from me to we).  Where you play with the rules rather than by them. An infinite game player plays to leave an invisible legacy in the hearts and minds of others.This kind of open heart—willing to give and receive, attracts allies and seeds possibilities. For his entire life as a teacher, husband, father,  grandpa, mentor, writer and leader, Phil has been an artist of possibilities. This artistry opens doors, forges bonds, spreads inspiration and astonishing learning happens for everyone in his orbit.

Thanks to Phil, the lives of many have been changed from his loving humanity.

Phil has always been driven by his love for children, for his love of the wild and for building and sustaining a learning community. From the age of 23 he was asked to embody and serve a community for more than four decades that grew from over fifty children, to nearly 100. Over half a century later, this learning community is alive, evolving, and serving one foundational goal: To Love Children into Being. This living legacy is shifting entire communities from the dominant paradigm to a new paradigm that is based on love and deep inter-relatedness.

It’s tricky to measure this legacy and impact, yet easy to share some of the tangible ways Phil has shared his heart across the world. A few to mention:

  • His book The Future Of Children grew out of over four decades of direct experience with children who have been educated in a school that was based on love. These children have grown up to be very different kinds of people. Their direct connection to the natural world has influenced them to feel a deep connection with life. 
  • Loved thousands of children and their extended families in ways that helped us navigate challenging and difficult times.
  • Created loving bonds between teachers, parents, neighbors, and friends.
  • Built a campus, over 4 decades, that is currently serving close to 100 students and teachers based on doing more with less, using regenerative non-extracting technologies.
  • Influenced an unknown number of people who attended: workshops, retreats, concerts, tours, films, ceremonies, conferences, and events designed to uplift our spirits and inspire others to become infinite game players.
  • Inspired love-based initiatives, and innovations in education communities across the globe.
"I had the very good fortune of experiencing both group and one-on-one coaching with Phil. In both settings, Phil’s open, generous, curious and loving heart created a warm space where all participants (including Phil!) could deeply connect with and learn from one another. Phil imparts his wisdom through storytelling, vulnerably sharing his experiences, from the most devastating to the most joyous. In our group session, Phil brought in colleagues, friends, experts, even family members who had in one way or another enriched his life, to enrich ours. And in my one-on-one sessions, he offered to connect me with people he felt could help me in specific ways, be it curriculum, leadership or personal development."
Claire Telford
Founder of Ground School
Claire, Hope and Nick, founding team of Groundschool in Ontario
Claire, Hope and Nick, Founders of Ground School
"I have had the experience of being a mentee under Phillip’s deep, insightful and creative direction. It felt more like a dance between two students participating in the infinite games of life. He encouraged me to go within for answers. Having his support has definitely refueled my thirst for loving this world and all beings more passionately. He’s helped me chase dreams and actually see them come to fruition. For me, Phillip Moore is MY Ram Dass, with an added omnipresent essence that he graciously & lovingly nurtures and mentors the collective with 💫"
Melanie Craft
UHS student from the time she was 4 years old, Mother, Grandmother, Daughter, old soul, and one who loves life

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